Screen shot / Action stage
There are six new screen shots including stages that haven't been seen before.
You know this stage from the Trial version. This is Sonic's 1st stage of the Hero side. Sonic escapes from the military helicopter and runs through the steep, hilly downtown area.
Sonic's classic loop. The huge and dynamic loop is back! Try some cool tricks! There may be some tricks that you couldn't do in the Trial version.
Destroy all of the military robots with his Homing Attack! Sonic's new action, "Grinding." Try sliding various terrain! Guaranteed to be fun!
Knuckles' 1st stage.
Knuckles finds himself in this dry canyon area where there is a huge wind hall to find the pieces of the Master Emerald.
Knuckles is looking for the pieces of the Master Emerald as the dry winds blow... There are various monuments, such as stone statues and windmills. Feels like someone is watching you...
Strong ascending air currents blow Knuckles up from the bottom of the chamber. Digging into the wall, swimming and gliding to find the pieces. Hey! I've found one!
Tails' 1st stage.
Tails is off to Prison Island to rescue Sonic who has been captured. He breaks through the prison facility protected by the military guard robots with his new machine, the "Cyclone."
Tails' latest invention is a mechanical walker called the "Cyclone." Fearless and brave, Tails is determined to rescue his hero, Sonic. Go Tails!
Remeber to use Lock-on to break through the tight security! Still a long way to go... Where is Sonic?
Iron Gate / DR.EGGMAN
This is Eggman's stage that also the 1st stage of the Dark side.
He breaks into the military base his mechanical walker, the "Egg Mobile" looking for the top secret weapon, "Shadow." It's supposed to be sealed deep inside of the military facility, and there are hardened steel doors blocking his way. Can he break through them all?
You can now control Eggman's mechanical walker in the game! Fire the walker's main cannon and break through the steel barrier!
Oh no, it seems like the alarm went off. Hohohoho! How's that? Now you know how powerful I am!
Dry Lagoon / ROUGE THE BAT
A brand new character, enter Rouge's and her 1st stage.
Rouge tries to steal the Master Emerald from Angel Island. Knuckles, the guardian of the Emerald, tries to stops her and breaks the Emerald into pieces. She has come to "Dry Lagoon" to find the pieces, but it looks like she has may have another motive...
This is the desert canyon area. Keep looking for the pieces of the Master Emerald. Check out the cool oasis. Don't the turtles look comfortable swimming in the pond?
Is this the ancient ruins? It looks like there might be something around that huge stone statue.
A brand new action character...Shadow and his 1st stage.
Shadow is surrounded by the military and police after stealing the Chaos Emerald from the federal reserve bank. But that doesn't bother him. Glide down the spans of the bridge and race through the highway at night. This is the perfect stage full of speed to introduce our new character, Shadow.
Shadow glides with his air shoes. He is as fast as Sonic! Battle against the hi-tech military fighters! Make sure to dodge the bombs.
Glide down the railing of this familiar looking bridge. It's golden. Dive into the spiral loops at super speed!
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