Screen Shots / Action Stage
We would like to introduce a new stage that appears in the first half of our story...
This is the fourth stage of the hero side story.
Sonic has been falsely accused and imprisoned for crimes he's not committed... He gets help from his old friends Tails and Amy to escape his captors from the military facility. Metal Harbor is the military facilities built on the shores of Prison Island.
The launch pad of a huge rocket that sits off the coast of a beautiful beach. The military jet fighters try to stop Sonic flying in low-attack flight patterns.
This high-speed course of the military's floating base is well suited for Sonic's dash... The runway of the jet fighters and the launch pad of the missiles are all in place...
Knuckles finds himself in a mountainous region looking for the pieces of the Master Emerald. There are many mines as well as strange-looking pumpkins in the mountains.
The backdrop of the mountainous mines is sunset. Strange rocks, pumpkin fields and shaking tombs. This is a terrible but pleasant stage.
Oh no! What's this? I found it... never had any doubts!
Mission Street / MILES "TAILS" PROWER
The military is constantly after Tails...
Tails is caught in a terrible whirlwind, but breaks through the city streets to elude his enemies!
The battle rages through the city streets... heightening the atmosphere of this stage! Tails also finds his captures battling him on the expressway.
Dodge the police cars, military fighters and guard robots that attack from the buildings and find your way out! Beware of the earthquakes, your foothold may crumble at any time... no time to loose your focus!
Sand Ocean / DR.EGGMAN
The third stage of the dark side story.
Dr. Eggman breaks through the besieging army to return to his secret based hidden in the desert. He must jump, destroy the huge stone pillars using Dynamite packs and cross the dangerous seas of quicksand.
The remains of an ancient civilization basking in the torch's flame and moon light. He's locked onto the Dynamite packs and fires his cannon to destroy the huge stone pillars!
Seems like Eggman is surrounded by an army of enemies! Not even Eggman can escape the quicksand.
Egg Quarter / ROUGE THE BAT
Rouges' stage which appears in the first half of our story.
Rouge has secretly followed Eggman and entered his secret base undetected. She must first collect the keys to the three doors before she can enter the base.
I've found my way inside this building... now I have to find those keys! Oh no, that guard robot has found me!
This place is protected by an all new production version of E-102 Gamma called the E-1000 series robot. Yes, I've found it!
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