Screen Shots / Chao World
Everyone, welcome to the "new" world of Chao!
Chao are back and better than ever!
Now's your chance to raise your very own hero or dark Chao. Imagine your Chao taking on hero traits as they hang out with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. Better yet, how about raising you Chao to be a little "rascal" being with the likes of Shadow, Dr. Eggman or Rouge. This is all possible with the new breed of Chao in Sonic Adventure 2. Chao are now directly affected by which game characters interact with them, and over time, their personality and appearance will change. Also, your Chao's personality is affected by how you interact with them...bully your Chao and he might just turn out to become a little rascal...
Chao Garden
Welcome to Chao garden that will be your first stop when you acquire the "Chao key" in the action stage. Here you will find Chao eggs, which you have to hatch and then raise. Let's have some fun raising Chao!
This garden is a very quiet and comfortable place where some Chao live. It's very green and even has a pond for Chao to enjoy. This is the entrance to the "Chao Stadium" where the Chao races are held.
Give Chao a small animal and see what happens next! Chao's personality is affected depending on how you raise them!
See Chao watching TV? This is just one of the many rewards that Chao can get when they win races. Try whistling to call your Chao!
Hero Garden
Welcome to the most heavenly garden of them all... which opens when you do something very special!
The garden seems to float on these magical pink clouds. The fountain is the center of this garden... we must be in heaven!
This is the garden where you just might see your favorite hero Chao. Dark Chao just can't stand this place!
Dark Garden
Welcome to the garden filled with darkness and chaos! How did we get here?
Beware of the skeletons and tombs, they're everywhere! Look at those trees... they look so scary.
Dark Chao love this place! This place is a child's worst nightmare.
Chao Race
Raise your Chao to participate in this very special competition. If you win, your Chao is rewarded with gifts and toys.
It's time to see what Chao can do...let's first try the "Beginner Race." Not too bad... but we need more training. Don't forget to bring Chao small animals...
Chao needs your encouragement, so nudge them on by cheering for them... but keep an eye on their stamina! Congratulations! Your Chao took 1st place... I wonder what prize we will get?
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