Sonic Adventure 2
10/1/2000 Last Day [The Mysterious Hedgehog]
A mysterious black Hedgehog appears above in the shadows as Dr. Eggman looks on. What mystery shrouds this black hedgehog that appears to have the same silhouette of our famed Sonic? The curtain is drawn as the drama of Sonic Adventure 2 begins with the appearance of this mysterious hedgehog.
screenshot Who is this mysterious hedgehog? screenshot And what story will unfold?
9/30/2000 Day 9 [CHAO: Artificial life]
Chao which you all have grown to love has become more intelligent and cute! Improved intutitive communication and response with Chao increases Chao Fun! You won't be able to leave your Chao alone with the improved VMU Chao mini-game with secret features.
screenshot Be good to your Chao by rewarding him! screenshot What is this place?
9/29/2000 Day 8 [Egg Mobile Blast-off]
Enter Dr. Eggman riding high on his new powerful Egg Mobile. Armed with a powerful weapon, Eggman destroys all who enter the battlefield. One's true character is measured by battling with Eggman. What diabolical evil is Dr. Eggman planning this time around?
screenshot Dr. Eggman triggers the emergency alarm! screenshot Dr. Eggman takes out an enemy robot!
9/28/2000 Day 7 [Dr. Eggman]
Crazy mustache and round glasses...can only mean that diabolical scientist of evil, Dr. Eggman is back! Could it be that our leader of evil who's primary mission has been to stump the heroic efforts of Sonic... is engaged in a battle with the enemies? Check it out!
screenshot Dr. Eggman stands in front of a mysterious terminal. screenshot Can it be...Eggman is fighting with the enemy !? But why?
9/27/2000 Day 6 [The moves of Knuckles]
Knuckles is world famous for all his variety of moves! Gliding through the air, traversing treacherous cliffs, burrowing underground still make Knuckles an awesome character. This time around, Knuckles gets added moves to Power up his game.
screenshot Knuckles has been seen swimming... screenshot Knuckles' "Spiral Upper" attack.
9/26/2000 Day 5 [Knuckles the Echidna]
With the wide variety of playable characters...the charm of Sonic Adventure is back! Characters intertwine behind the scenes to reveal another Sonic epic. Our story would not be complete without the undisputed guardian of the Master Emerald, Knuckles the Echidna.
screenshot What's new with Knuckles? screenshot No place out of reach for Knuckles!
9/25/2000 Day 4 [Welcome to the Jungle]
From the city to the jungle...where will this adventure take Sonic? Typical of the variety of action stages found in the Sonic world, the stage is now set for new adventure. And of course, each stage is full of surprises and fun at every turn!
screenshot Fresh Grinds off the ivy! screenshot Traversing through the up and downs of the mangrove!
9/24/2000 Day 3 [Action]
Sonic is back with some new moves...Check out the "Grind"! This new technique allows Sonic to slide down park rails and other cool secret places. New actions guaranteed to satisfy your need for speed and blow your mind!
screenshot Sonic's new mad skills...The Grind! screenshot Killer shreds off the top!
9/23/2000 Day 2 [Downtown]
Steep hills, groovy houses and busy streets full of action-packed fun! Sonic begins his new adventure in the backdrop of the city. Blaze through the most beautiful graphically drawn Sonic worlds ever!
screenshot Sonic ready for some big air! screenshot The whole town is an action stage!
9/22/2000 Day 1 [Sky Surfing]
Out of the blue skies comes the sound of a roaring helicopter. From the helicopter, jumps our mighty blue hero, Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic ready to take on the challenges that face him! The stage is set and the curtain rises for Sonic's next adventure!
screenshot Sonic takes a leap of faith! screenshot Grab a board and let's go sky surfing!
7/ 1/2000 Sonic Adventure 2 - Movie Download !
5/11/2000 Sonic Adventure 2 Unveiled
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